The Best West Indonesia Vacation

If we talk about Indonesia vacation, there is one underrated place that you need to visit. Although it is underrated, this place is so great and perfect for vacation. For everyone who wants to have a quiet vacation with fewer people, you need to go to Umang Island, Ujung Kulon.

When it comes to Ujung Kulon, there are many people who know nothing about this place. Ujung Kulon is 300 km away from Jakarta. This place is located at the very west part of Java Island. This national park is known as a habit for Java rhino. Umar Island is located around Ujung Kulon National Park.

Indonesia Vacation To Umang Island

This Indonesia vacation is located in Banten which is a perfect getaway if you live in Jakarta. This tropical island can be your favorite place to avoid the hectic situation of the capital city. Maybe you have some things to do in Jakarta and it is the perfect time to visit this island after that.

There is resort in Umang Island that offers you the best comfort that you could ever get during vacation. The resort has relaxing and calming ambiance with good service. If you love nature and sea, you need to go to Umang Island. This island is near Ujung Kulon National Park. You can explore the national park and feel the wildlife there.

The turquoise water in the sea will refresh your mind. Don’t forget to check the underwater life in Umang Island. The sea is so great and you will see many well-protected coral reef and many fishes as well. There is also Tanjung Lesung Beach which is the perfect place to watch sunset prettily.

Your Indonesia vacation in Umang Island definitely will be unforgettable. The sandy beach and crystal sea water are the perfect combinations that sea can give.

The Ultimate Features Of Asrock Z370 Killer SLI

The release of Intel processor 8th Gen makes the chipset manufacturers compete to create a product for its pair. The trend also happens to ASRock. It produces good gaming motherboard entitled ASRock Z370 Killer SLI. This series comes with ultimate features. One of the most prominent features is overclocking customs with easy access.

The Elegant Design Of Killer SLI

Most of the gaming motherboard that allows overclocking has a bit complicated look. This kind of design does not implement in Killer SLI series. It looks solid with a simpler design. It comes in black glossy color including the armor that covers I/O port with “ASRock” logo on it. There is RGB LED on the heatsink that supports its premium design. Unfortunately, this series does not have an onboard power button that supports overclocking features.

Complete Features And More Ports

ASRock Z370 Killer SLI comes with two slots PCI Express 3.0 x16, and additional four slots PCIe 3.0 x1. It can support AMD or NVIDIA graphic card and additional NVIDIA SLI and Quad SLI as well as AMD CrossFireX. This good gaming motherboard emphasizes the use of two graphics cards at the same time. Other features such as Ultra M.2 and DDR Dual Channel that allows RAM up to 64GB bring more complete features. Complete I/O Ports consist of HDMI, PS/2 port, LAN, audio jack, and USB port type A and C.

All in features are available to give excellent performance. Without increased clock rate speed. The chipset board is able to give pretty well performance. Even for certain game, it can even give a high-quality graphics display.

In brief, with reasonable price in its class, Killer SLI offers premium design and features. The only lack it has is the absence of power button if it is operated without casing for overclocking purposes. will give you more detail about this series and other Z370 motherboards.

The Best Things About Fruits And Vegetables

Do you know that the best foods in this world are fruit vegetables? You will get many benefits of those foods for your body, beauty and so on. You will find the best things about them as well. People who are vegetarian and vegan know well why they love fruits and vegetables in their life. So, here I will tell you the best things about fruits and vegetables for you.

You Should Know These Best Things Of Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are main foods of many creatures in this world. You should realize why. They have incredible ability to give the best benefits and other best things for all the people and creatures in this world. So, there are no more reasons you cannot eat them.

Here, I will give you several good things about fruit vegetables. Then, you will find the reasons why you need them in your life. Here are the good things about fruits and vegetables you should know:

  1. They are so many and you will find more of them in a different country. Therefore, you will never be bored to consume them every day.
  2. Most of the fruits are sweet and sour. They are very tasty as snacks.
  3. You will find many ways to cook the vegetables and fruits.
  4. There are so many health benefits of vegetables and fruits.
  5. They can be home remedies as well.
  6. Most of the fruits become the flavor for other foods.

So, you know how amazing the fruits and vegetables. Even though you think the several vegetables are gross. However, you could still consume the other vegetables with the same functions and benefits. Fruits also can be foods and beverages. You know it is cool.

You should visit fruit vegetables for more useful information. You will get many tips and information about fruits, vegetables and also home remedies. That is all and have a nice day!

Get Your Multitasking Laptop With Inexpensive Price

Having works that related to internet and many documents requires you to have such a great support from your laptop. Of course, it makes you need to find the best laptop with the best price to work. Acer Aspire E 15, which is laptop under 700 dollars, can be one of the best recommendations for you. Of course, this laptop becomes recommendation because of several good points of this laptop. Then, find information about this Acer Aspire E 15 here!

Acer Aspire E 15; Cheap Yet Great In Works

If you are a person that needs to find your great support for works, which means, you need a laptop with high performance; this laptop should be one of the best products for you. Even though Acer Aspire E 15 belongs to the laptop under 700 dollars, or a very affordable one; it will be ready to support you with very great specifications.

This laptop is supported by Intel Core i7 8550U as the processor. The type of the processor of this laptop shows the great faster work. Moreover, it still can be upgraded up to 4.0 GHz with Turbo Boost. Because of the existence of this kind of processor, this laptop has very efficient in work and faster response while doing multitasking jobs.

For the RAM, this laptop is supported with big capacity or 6 GB RAM. Meanwhile, because of the existence of Dual Channel Memory, the work of the RAM will be greater. Moreover, it also has the support of 256 GB memory of SSD.

Those specifications of this laptop make it becomes affordable yet interesting laptop to buy. This laptop would be great to be one of the best gaming laptops. It also will be good for you who should work in faster acceleration, since the laptop will support your work very well. So, what do you think about this laptop under 700 dollars?

Best 2017 TV Series

Last year we’ve been blessed by so many TV series. There are many TV series worth to watch in 2017. If you want to watch best 2017 TV series, you can watch on Mobdro apk which is a streaming app where you can watch them legally.

Watch These 2017 TV Series Only on Mobdro Apk

Below are the best 2017 TV series so far that you can watch whenever you need entertain or whenever you have your free time. Enjoy!

  1. Riverdale

Who doesn’t know Riverdale? This TV series is one of popular teen TV series. This TV series is not just another teen TV series with its love story and their problems. But Riverdale is about a town that has its weirdness and darkness. That’s why if you love mystery and thriller genre then you will love Riverdale. This TV series is a modern adaptation of Archie Comics. The main characters on this TV series are Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica.

  1. Jane the Virgin

The next TV series that you can watch on Mobdro apk is Jane the Virgin. This TV series is so popular until the novel that the main character write on this story is published as the real novel! If you want to watch a TV series where the story has it all such as happiness and sadness, then you should watch this TV series. This season starts with a bold move when one of the main leads dies suddenly. In this season, you can watch how Jane Villanueva moves on from the event in last season.

  1. Pretty Little Liars

The final season of Pretty Little Liars is worth to watch. Although the plot is quite weak but it is addicting. In this final season, you will have many plot twists that still make this TV series one of the best teen TV series. Go watch it only on Mobdro apk.

Get the Mobdro on Your Smart TV Easily

Nowadays, watching TV is not on the broadcasted channel nationally. You can even watch various programs easily. Moreover, you can also find Smart TV which has features like Android. Browsing and streaming are two best features that can be done. If you want to stream various videos freely, so just install the mobdro app. You do not need to pay for every video that you stream, because you can access all of them freely.

Download and Install Mobdro on Smart TV

Like installing other tools, the mobdro app is very easy to get. Here is step by step to install the Mobdro on your smart TV:

  • Setting Up Your Smart Box

Before downloading the application, make sure that you set the TV first. Connect the TV to the Android TV Box well. Then, go to the setting to find Security & Restrictions option. Just make sure that the Unknown Sources setting is enabled.

  • Go to the Website

If you already set up the TV, so you can directly go to the browser. You have to visit the sites where you can find the official apk of Mobdro.

  • Download and Install the Apk

Make sure that you choose the apk which is compatible with Smart TV. By clicking the download button, then the application is automatically downloaded on your device. If it is finished, so you can go to File Manager and choose Download file. Just click the icon of apk, then let it be installed well.

  • Start to Find Your Favorite Videos

Once the icon of the mobdro app has been shown, it means that the application has been installed well on your smart TV. Then, you can choose it. Once the home appeared, you can directly go to category option or find directly in the search box on the top side. It is easy, isn’t it?

Free Music For Your Gadget Here

There is many free listening to music application now. However, not all of them will provide the song you want. Many good songs can be private or VIP and you need money to listen to it. So, download free music can be your second option now. You may see the steps of getting the free music is so easy here!

Several Steps How To Get Free Music For Your Gadget

For many people using a free application to listen to music is not the option. It is because download the music directly is more fun. They do not need to get an internet connection to listen to the music anymore. So, here is the right article for you, then. You will get any song for free and listen to it anytime.

Download free music maybe not so popular anymore because of the free application to listen to the music. However, collecting the favorite songs is still fun. You may keep them forever in your gadget and your computer and play it over and over without you need to pay or need the internet connection. Well, see the steps of downloading the songs below:

  1. You should visit the website page first. The best website page to download for free music. I will tell you the link later.
  2. Then, you should type the title or the artist on the empty searching box in the home of the page.
  3. You will see the list of the songs below the box. Choose by clicking download afterward.
  4. You will see the options of song’s quality. Choose the yellow one to download for free.
  5. Click download.

It is very easy and trusted. You even can click play before download the song to make sure. This is the link: download free music. Thus, that is all the easy steps to get free music for your gadget. Enjoy the music!

How to Play Grand Dad Mania Game

There are many games available in 60 seconds free, one of which is a game with adventure genre or adventure. For the game type name is Grand Dad Mania. If you ever play Super Mario game, surely you will know this game. This game was deliberately created as one of the parody game Super Mario is famous around the world.

Super Mario Vs Grand Dad Mania

The game Grand Dad Mania almost has the same game with the original game that is Super Mario. However, in this Grand Dad game, you cannot choose a character. If in Super Mario game you can get 2 choices whether you want to be Mario or Luigi. Grand Dad game has also attracted the attention of many people through many articles, can be played with the availability of service 60 seconds free from a number of online gaming sites.

Grand Dad Mania game can be played easily via PC, computer, or via smartphone. However, the game will be much more fun if played using a computer because the screen is much wider. The game that the background has in common with Super Mario is indeed very in demand.

How to Download Grand Dad Mania Game

For how to download the game, Grand Dad Mania, you can try to play it easily when opening the site online game 60 seconds free. Before entering the page for game downloads, you will be served a trial or game for 60 seconds to see the game.

So, later you can decide for yourself whether the game Grand Dad Mania is a game that really fun to play or vice versa. If you feel this game is a boring game because it resembles Super Mario games, then you can choose other types of online games that have been provided on the site.

Genre Online Game-Game Fun

An exciting online gaming genre will definitely be provided wherever the gaming sites are already emerging. It aims to make the players will not feel boredom because there is only the game that’s all. Well, for the category of games that can be played is the genre of strategy, adventure, arcade, and so forth.

An Athletic Body As A Man’s Charm

For a man, having a healthy and fit body is a very important thing. Moreover, if they have an athletic shape and six-pack body, so it will make them have another point. A man fully acknowledges that having that kind of body shape will make more women get interested in him.

The woman must be proud to have a man who has self-appeal of his appearance. A man who takes care of his body health is surely avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. Those two things are the main factors of causes of various physical illness. For the most women, a man who smokes and drink is not sexy.

Fitness Exercise At Home

For you who has no money to go to the gym or to pay the structure, you shouldn’t get worried about that anymore. These are some kind of fitness exercise that can be done at your home without spending any cost.

The first exercise is push-up. You may have been very familiar with this exercise. This is very useful to train your bicep muscle, arm muscle, and chest muscle, and also the muscle on the part of your stomach. The next exercise is high knee running the place. This is an exercise that is done by running in place, the way to do is raise your leg until your knee is at the same level of your hips. Do it as much as you can, get some rest if you feel tired.

Another popular exercise and practiced by many people is a squat jump. This exercise is very useful to train your leg muscle, especially in part of the calf. The next exercise is a plank that is useful to train your arm muscle, stomach, shoulder, and also thigh at once. The position is the same as you do the push-up, but you rest in your elbow and you have to try to keep that position as long as possible. Those are some exercise that you can do at home.

The Advantages Of Downloading Hello Neighbor Online

Hello neighbor alpha 2 free download has been out. Many game enthusiasts have been waiting for this new version of the thrilling game. Hello, neighbor alpha 2 is a terrifying stealth game that won’t stop you from feeling the up and down adrenalin. You have to beat against the clever AI to sneak into the house and find the mystery inside. You must not want to miss this challenging and mysterious game.

Download The Game From Blog

The game that is officially published by a tinibuild developer is widely available for players to purchase. However, there is a way out to save your bucks and still enjoy the tense of the game. You can download it from any blog or website providing this full pack game for free. You just need to make sure which blog or website you should go and visit.

The Pros Of Downloading From Gamesena.Com

You can freely download Hello Neighbor in all versions for free through It is a blog that provides you with lots of PC games. There you will also enjoy a lot more advantages.

  • No Bugs and Errors

The absolute feature that you will get is that you fill no bugs and errors in the game. You can play it smoothly on your PC under certain requirements to play Hello Neighbor. No worry, for the blog provides any latest updates from the official publisher there.


  • No Viruses

You are from any virus threat. Commonly, if you download games from external sources you will find virus warning once you install it on your PC. However, it is not the case when you download it from the blog.


  • Crack Patch Available

Lastly, for you who are super curious how to win the game, you are provided with the crack patch. You can download it directly from the website. Playing hello neighbor alpha 2 free download will be more thrilling and challenging.