Cooking Tips To Successfully Maintain Weight

Some people feel that it is quite challenging to maintain body weight. It keeps being unstable no matter you manage your diet. You may have had what you call by healthy food since you decide to cook on your own. However, with some wrong techniques, your healthy food will not be effective to supply enough nutrition for you. Therefore, there are some tips that you may find it useful for you.

Avoid Using Excessive Cooking Oil

Many sources argue that many people keep doing wrong method when they are cooking. One of the biggest mistakes is by using too much cooking oil. The more cooking oil you use the more calorie you consume. Only one teaspoon cooking oil contains about 120 calories. This is one the reason why you keep gaining weight.

You need to make sure that you use enough amount of cooking oil. Otherwise, you can use another alternative to healthier cooking oil. You can use olive oil or corn oil. Fritters and any other food with deep-fry should not on your diet list. So, you definitely need to avoid using too much cooking oil.

Reduce The Amount Of Sugar And Salt

Besides the issue of cooking oil, sugar and salt are another highlights of cooking healthy food. If you want to maintain weight, bear in mind that consuming food with high salt and sugar won’t help. Some food especially the instant and canned ones contain hidden sugar. Too much salt and sugar can lead to obesity. Adding too much seasoning and sauces is also unnecessary.

You should only use a little of sugar and salt. If you have successfully made yourself accept the light taste, you can completely remove salt and sugar from food. As the alternative, you can use herbal spices to add flavor to your cooking such as ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, etc.