3 Signs Of Vitamins Deficiency You Should Know

A myriad of activities in today’s daily lives makes so many people do not pay attention to their daily nutrition so that they are more vulnerable to vitamins deficiency. In addition, the bad habits of consuming junk food which contains less nutritive substances make the condition gets worsened. Unfortunately, there are only a few people to recognize this condition while the others are letting this condition happen for a long time. Also, there are only a few people who recognize the symptoms of vitamins deficiency. Therefore, in this article, we are trying to inform you all about the signs your body shows when it gets vitamins deficiency.

Dry Skin Harsh

Dry skin harsh is a common health problem, and it is one of the vitamins deficiency signs. If you are suffering from this condition, and accompanied by other symptoms such as exhaustion and bad mood, it might be a sign that your body needs more vitamin B, especially B12. Try to add more vitamin B sources to your diets such as eggs, Brussels sprout, sunflower seeds, and beans.

Lip Drying And Cracking

Most people believe that lip drying and cracking is caused by the vitamin C deficiency. It is not totally wrong since lack of vitamin C is causing this condition. Moreover, the deficiency of vitamin C makes our body less sensitive to absorb other nutrients such as vitamin B, zinc, and iron, which worsens the condition.


Commonly, acne is caused by the hormone imbalance in the human body. However, acne can also be caused by vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin A and vitamin D. To fulfill our body needs of vitamin A, we can consume more vitamin A sources such as salmon, walnut, and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and bell pepper, while for the vitamin D we can drink more milk or we can get it from supplements.