An Athletic Body As A Man’s Charm

For a man, having a healthy and fit body is a very important thing. Moreover, if they have an athletic shape and six-pack body, so it will make them have another point. A man fully acknowledges that having that kind of body shape will make more women get interested in him.

The woman must be proud to have a man who has self-appeal of his appearance. A man who takes care of his body health is surely avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. Those two things are the main factors of causes of various physical illness. For the most women, a man who smokes and drink is not sexy.

Fitness Exercise At Home

For you who has no money to go to the gym or to pay the structure, you shouldn’t get worried about that anymore. These are some kind of fitness exercise that can be done at your home without spending any cost.

The first exercise is push-up. You may have been very familiar with this exercise. This is very useful to train your bicep muscle, arm muscle, and chest muscle, and also the muscle on the part of your stomach. The next exercise is high knee running the place. This is an exercise that is done by running in place, the way to do is raise your leg until your knee is at the same level of your hips. Do it as much as you can, get some rest if you feel tired.

Another popular exercise and practiced by many people is a squat jump. This exercise is very useful to train your leg muscle, especially in part of the calf. The next exercise is a plank that is useful to train your arm muscle, stomach, shoulder, and also thigh at once. The position is the same as you do the push-up, but you rest in your elbow and you have to try to keep that position as long as possible. Those are some exercise that you can do at home.