Avoid Cancer In Future Life

Cancer is the deadly diseases in around the world. It is caused by the abnormal growing cell that and invade the normal parts of the body. Cancer spread through blood circumstance that it is very hard to prevent their spread. Actually, there is no medicine to treat this disease. The treatment of cancer is only to slow down the spread, but the cancer is still undermining the other normal parts of the body. If the cure is still undercover, the preventing of cancer is the only ways to our health. There are several tips to prevent cancer, they are:

Know Your Family

The cancer is caused by many factors, one of them is heredity of genetics. The history of your heredity family is very important to prevent this disease. The early treatment is a very effective way to prevent cancer to invade your body. The chance of descending of cancer is only 5-10% but you will not take the risk to ignore it.  The combination of environmental factor and lifestyle increase the chance this disease.

Don’t Smoke!!

Tobacco smoke is the most cause of cancer. It caused more than 90% chance of cancer. Tobacco smoke triggers several kinds of cancer, such as stomach cancer, lung cancer, and larynx cancer. In the country which tobacco is legal, the threat of cancer is the high number of the deadly diseases. So, if you want the healthy life. Don’t try to smoke.


It is the cheapest way to prevent cancer. Sport is very important to our body. It accelerates our blood circumstance and metabolism. The main of sport is routine and continually. We only spent only 2 hours taking the sport. It very useful to protect our body not only from cancer but also other diseases. Moreover, the routine sport is only run or walk. It is very simple and very easy.