Best Food For Excellent Eyesight

Do you realize that food consumption affects the eyesight? Eating food which has no good nutrition will create problems for the eyesight. Therefore, we must pay more attention to everything that we eat. There is some food which is great for vision. They are food with high vitamins such as vegetables and fruits. All fruits and vegetables are healthy for the body but some of them have a great effect on the vision.

Eating Vegetables With High Vitamin A

Some vegetables contain an abundant supply of vitamin A. vitamin A is very good for maintaining eyesight. First of all, the most popular vegetable with a high level of vitamin A is a carrot. Besides vitamin, carrot also contains beta-carotene which is good for strengthening the eyesight. A study reveals that consuming cooked carrot provides more nutrition for the eye than the raw one.

Secondly, many people are not really aware that sweet potato serves more vitamin A than carrot. Eating baked sweet potato can help you maintain excellent eyesight. Not only the nutrition is it also popular with its sweet and tender taste.

Feeding Yourself With Green Leaves

Another vegetable which is good for eyesight is vegetable with dark green leaves such as kale and spinach. Although they are popular for serving the great amount of fiber, the vitamin A is also considerably high. You can consume them raw or cooked. You can enjoy it as a salad or fresh juice.

Consuming Berries

Not only vegetables, some fruits are also great for strengthening eyesight. Berries are popular with vitamin A. People are suggested to eat berries such as blueberries, goji berries, and strawberries. Besides berries, grapes are also good for the vision. They help people to have a sharp vision, especially at night and dark. Lastly, another fruit that helps people see better is the tropical fruit, mango.