Black Leather Jackets Styles

Black leather jackets are known for their longevity and durability. If you have this clothes, it can last for many years, even decades. If you take care of it properly, a leather jacket can last forever! This is why the leather jacket is so popular. Its longevity and durability will make a leather jacket become your investment. Although there will be marks and scratches here and there, the whole material still in a good condition.

Styles Of Black Leather Jackets

There are many styles of leather jackets. And there is no best leather jacket, it will depend on your preference and style. Below are some of black leather jackets stylest that you can buy in many stores. This style is very iconic until now.

  1. Rider jacket

The leather jacket is worn by many riders. That’s why this jacket has its own style. This style will remind you of those American bad boys who ride Harley Davidson along the way. This jacket has a flared and large collars. It is also spread along the jacket. Rider motorcycle jacket has its own distinctive look. You can open the jacket wide since the front zipper design at a certain angle. This jacket also has roomy side pockets.

  1. Bomber jacket

If the rider jacket is worn by riders, the bomber jacket is worn by pilots. During World War 1, many plane crews wore this jacket. The bomber style didn’t change much until now. This leather jacket also has inner with soft lining. The common liners for the bomber jacket are flannel, fleece, and corduroy which make the jacket warm when you wear it.

  1. Racer jacket

As for this jacket, it is also worn by many riders. Racer jacket has a different design. This jacket has a small collar. In some jackets, there is no collar. Compared with a bomber jacket, this jacket is not as warm as the bomber one. However, these black leather jackets styles are more neutral to wear for any occasion.