Body as A Future Asset Must Be Maintained

Our body must always be kept healthy, with a healthy body we can carry out our daily activities smoothly and focus. Many things we can do to support a healthy body. Health is not just the needs but also the desire of almost everyone. With a healthy body then we do not need to spend a lot of money for treatment. The more often we are sick, then more money to pay. The disease is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, and germs that attack our body. If we do not protect our body endurance, then we will be susceptible to disease. Diseases that are often, in general, are the a cold or influenza, sore throat, fever, and cough symptom. To avoid and prevent disease easily attacking our body, there are some health tips that we easily apply.

Tips for Optimal Body Endurance

Our activities from morning till night must be accompanied by physical and mental rest. Physical rest is if we release activities related to our physical movements, such as sleep and relax for a moment on the couch. While mental rest is an activity that can calm our minds, it can be done by praying and meditating. The important thing to note is the hour or time of sleep, do not sleep too late. The night is the time that is conditioned for us to rest, our body’s biological components will automatically perform the task of restoring the body at night. So, sleep at the 9 or 9.30 PM. With enough sleep or rest, our body will regain energy as well as the morning before.

The other thing that important is the routine exercise. It is better to doing exercise in a small amount every day than doing intense exercise only 3 days on the week. Sports that only focus on just one day only will only make us fully tired. Exercise should be long-term because the sport is a process, not a direct result. Exercise approximately 15 minutes-30 minutes on one day. Sports routine can keep our body fit, which will be useful when we work.