The Best West Indonesia Vacation

If we talk about Indonesia vacation, there is one underrated place that you need to visit. Although it is underrated, this place is so great and perfect for vacation. For everyone who wants to have a quiet vacation with fewer people, you need to go to Umang Island, Ujung Kulon.

When it comes to Ujung Kulon, there are many people who know nothing about this place. Ujung Kulon is 300 km away from Jakarta. This place is located at the very west part of Java Island. This national park is known as a habit for Java rhino. Umar Island is located around Ujung Kulon National Park.

Indonesia Vacation To Umang Island

This Indonesia vacation is located in Banten which is a perfect getaway if you live in Jakarta. This tropical island can be your favorite place to avoid the hectic situation of the capital city. Maybe you have some things to do in Jakarta and it is the perfect time to visit this island after that.

There is resort in Umang Island that offers you the best comfort that you could ever get during vacation. The resort has relaxing and calming ambiance with good service. If you love nature and sea, you need to go to Umang Island. This island is near Ujung Kulon National Park. You can explore the national park and feel the wildlife there.

The turquoise water in the sea will refresh your mind. Don’t forget to check the underwater life in Umang Island. The sea is so great and you will see many well-protected coral reef and many fishes as well. There is also Tanjung Lesung Beach which is the perfect place to watch sunset prettily.

Your Indonesia vacation in Umang Island definitely will be unforgettable. The sandy beach and crystal sea water are the perfect combinations that sea can give.

The Best Things About Fruits And Vegetables

Do you know that the best foods in this world are fruit vegetables? You will get many benefits of those foods for your body, beauty and so on. You will find the best things about them as well. People who are vegetarian and vegan know well why they love fruits and vegetables in their life. So, here I will tell you the best things about fruits and vegetables for you.

You Should Know These Best Things Of Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are main foods of many creatures in this world. You should realize why. They have incredible ability to give the best benefits and other best things for all the people and creatures in this world. So, there are no more reasons you cannot eat them.

Here, I will give you several good things about fruit vegetables. Then, you will find the reasons why you need them in your life. Here are the good things about fruits and vegetables you should know:

  1. They are so many and you will find more of them in a different country. Therefore, you will never be bored to consume them every day.
  2. Most of the fruits are sweet and sour. They are very tasty as snacks.
  3. You will find many ways to cook the vegetables and fruits.
  4. There are so many health benefits of vegetables and fruits.
  5. They can be home remedies as well.
  6. Most of the fruits become the flavor for other foods.

So, you know how amazing the fruits and vegetables. Even though you think the several vegetables are gross. However, you could still consume the other vegetables with the same functions and benefits. Fruits also can be foods and beverages. You know it is cool.

You should visit fruit vegetables for more useful information. You will get many tips and information about fruits, vegetables and also home remedies. That is all and have a nice day!

Free Music For Your Gadget Here

There is many free listening to music application now. However, not all of them will provide the song you want. Many good songs can be private or VIP and you need money to listen to it. So, download free music can be your second option now. You may see the steps of getting the free music is so easy here!

Several Steps How To Get Free Music For Your Gadget

For many people using a free application to listen to music is not the option. It is because download the music directly is more fun. They do not need to get an internet connection to listen to the music anymore. So, here is the right article for you, then. You will get any song for free and listen to it anytime.

Download free music maybe not so popular anymore because of the free application to listen to the music. However, collecting the favorite songs is still fun. You may keep them forever in your gadget and your computer and play it over and over without you need to pay or need the internet connection. Well, see the steps of downloading the songs below:

  1. You should visit the website page first. The best website page to download for free music. I will tell you the link later.
  2. Then, you should type the title or the artist on the empty searching box in the home of the page.
  3. You will see the list of the songs below the box. Choose by clicking download afterward.
  4. You will see the options of song’s quality. Choose the yellow one to download for free.
  5. Click download.

It is very easy and trusted. You even can click play before download the song to make sure. This is the link: download free music. Thus, that is all the easy steps to get free music for your gadget. Enjoy the music!

An Athletic Body As A Man’s Charm

For a man, having a healthy and fit body is a very important thing. Moreover, if they have an athletic shape and six-pack body, so it will make them have another point. A man fully acknowledges that having that kind of body shape will make more women get interested in him.

The woman must be proud to have a man who has self-appeal of his appearance. A man who takes care of his body health is surely avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. Those two things are the main factors of causes of various physical illness. For the most women, a man who smokes and drink is not sexy.

Fitness Exercise At Home

For you who has no money to go to the gym or to pay the structure, you shouldn’t get worried about that anymore. These are some kind of fitness exercise that can be done at your home without spending any cost.

The first exercise is push-up. You may have been very familiar with this exercise. This is very useful to train your bicep muscle, arm muscle, and chest muscle, and also the muscle on the part of your stomach. The next exercise is high knee running the place. This is an exercise that is done by running in place, the way to do is raise your leg until your knee is at the same level of your hips. Do it as much as you can, get some rest if you feel tired.

Another popular exercise and practiced by many people is a squat jump. This exercise is very useful to train your leg muscle, especially in part of the calf. The next exercise is a plank that is useful to train your arm muscle, stomach, shoulder, and also thigh at once. The position is the same as you do the push-up, but you rest in your elbow and you have to try to keep that position as long as possible. Those are some exercise that you can do at home.

How To Prevent Dengue Easily?

As we know that dengue is one of many dangerous illnesses that come from mosquitoes. In some countries, dengue becomes very dangerous since the prevention and treatment of this illness is still not massive. Rather than waiting for the government to always take care of our health by doing some fogging to prevent dengue, it would be wise if we also can prevent the dengue to come by our own way.

Tips To Prevent Dengue

Before we know the right steps to prevent dengue, of course, we always have to remember the cause of dengue. You have to know that this disease is caused by the bite of mosquitoes. Of course, it does something works with the existence of mosquitoes in your neighborhood.

To help you to prevent any dengue symptoms to come, you can do the following things in order to make a safe neighborhood.

  1. Use Insect Repellent

Of course, this is the main thing that you have to do in order to prevent any mosquitoes to bite you. Besides that, the other thing that you have to do with the insect repellent is that you have to be a focus on the description. Yes, make sure to read the description before you use the repellent. You also have to remember that using repellent will be different between adult and children.

  1. Clean Your House

This is something that very basic for our house. If our environment is in good condition, of course, it will support our health too. It will be something helpful since when we clean our house, we will throw away many dirty things that can lead to trigger some illness. So, being clean is something important.

Those two things are the basic preventions that you can do to prevent any dengue. You still have to learn many things related to prevention, symptoms and many other things of dengue.

Is Banana Good For People On Diet?

There are many diet methods requires eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruit that most mentioned is Banana. In contrary, some diet experts tell that banana is not really good for a diet program. It might be confusing. So, we really need to find whether a banana is really good or really bad for a diet doer. One of the ways, we may know calories in one banana.

Calories In One Banana

Banana becomes a source of energy since it has more sugars and other calories rather than other fruits. Some people may compare a banana with other fruits. A medium apple gives about 115 calories. a medium orange contains 62 calories. meanwhile, berries are the lowest one when we talk about calories.

If you already like banana, you don’t need to leave it. You only need to consume it in portion. An average banana contains 90 to 120 calories. The bigger banana you eat; the more calories you will get. If you go to a grocery and find a big banana. You can eat it in separated two different times. Make sure you keep it fresh by putting its half size in the refrigerator. It will be better if you can find a small-sized banana. You can eat it at one time and you still keep the calories in one banana which you consumed.

A banana has a fact that it almost not contains fat in it. That is why, for people who are not on a diet, it is good to add extra creams like ice cream or whipped cream. It will be also delicious if you mix it with other fruits to make it as smoothies.

Therefore, a good side of calories in one banana will be much better if you can mix it with other ingredients that are also good for your health.

Diet To Prevent Obesity

The fat body is a nightmare for every people. The fat body represents lazy and it should be avoided. Many diseases are caused by fat. This is also recognized as the disease that is called obesity. this disease is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle that people lazy to a sport and they consume high carbohydrate. It is very dangerous because obesity can trigger several diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. To prevent this disease, many people take a diet for their body. Diet has many advantages such as to get ideal or proportional weight. But, many methods of diet have a side effect. Then, you should aware and take the review of the method of diet to avoid the side effect. There are several methods to the diet that can be choices for you.

The Traditional Method For Diet

The traditional method is the best way to lose body weight. However, this diet needs patient and continually because you can get proportional body instantly. The traditional method is similar to a healthy lifestyle. There are tips to get the diet with traditional method:

  • Make sure for your food

It means that your body is needed nutrition from food. You should consider the nutrition from your food. Thee good food to diet is fish and beef that both of them contain low carbo and high proteins.

  • Plain water

It is the healthiest water for us. If your habits are consuming the soft drink, you should change it’s to plain water. It happens because water can retain hungry and easy to be absorbed by our body.

The Modern Diet

This diet is fast enough to lose your weight. But, you need money to buy several foods to replace your primary food. The main principle of diet is consuming low carbo and high proteins. It means that you should replace your food with food that contains ideal nutrition.

Similarity Of Marvel And DC

If you are a comic lover, you must be well-known about Marvel and DC. These two companies have been competing for a long time to show their cool superheroes, you can read the comic via online in readcomicsonline. Both of Marvel and DC have their variety of heroes and several different characters. In Marvel, there are Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and so many more, then from DC, they have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and many others.

In the other hand, if you read both of Marvel and DC, you will see some similarities on their superheroes. Several characters have a likeliness one to another, and in this article, there will be a summarize top 3 similar superheroes from both of Marvel and DC.

Different Company, But Similar Characters

  1. Quick Silver and Flash

Both Marvel and DC have a Superhero that can run with extremely fast. Actually, not only the fast on running, but also they can move their another part of the body with extremely fast, and you can visit to read the comic version’s stories.

  1. Ant-Man and Atom

Ant-Man and Atom have their unique ability by wearing a special costume to change their size of the body. They can become a very small like an ant or become really huge like a tall building. Both of them can be a serious problem for the enemy using their ability to resize the body.

  1. Captain America and Commander Steel

Both of Captain America and Commander Steel have a similarity from their history. According to comics from readcomicsonline explained that they are former soldiers from world war two. Captain America got his power from a muscle injection that brings him to become an above average manpower. Commander Steel has the power to change the particle of his muscles, bones, and skins become steel.

Simple And Healthy Breakfast Menu For Diet

If you are on diet right now, it is so essential to prepare the right breakfast every morning. Most people think that diet program means you should eat less. It is somehow true. However, it does not mean that you can skip breakfast. In fact, breakfast is a basic element to start a successful diet.

Is Breakfast Important?

The idea of most diet program aims to reduce the intake of calorie to the body and add more balanced nutrition. However, if you skip breakfast, you will feel hungrier and end up eating savory and greasy food before lunch. Most people cannot control their lunch and eat an extremely big portion. Instead of missing breakfast, experts suggest to eat something light but keep you full until the next meal time.

List Of Breakfast Ingredients To Stay Slim

Eating high carbs such as toast with fried egg, cereal, and sandwich will only add more calories. Your stomach is not ready yet to process those foods. Here are some foods which are light enough for breakfast.

  • Spinach

Spinach is always good for breakfast. You can make it into several dishes such as salad and juice. Spinach salad is good either raw or boiled. Eating a bowl of spinach in the morning can keep you from hungry until lunchtime. Therefore, you can stop eating a snack between the meal times.


  • Berries

Berries are a good companion for the popular healthy breakfast menu, oatmeal, and yogurt. Their delicate taste can add flavor to your breakfast meal. The substance in berries can help suppress hunger.


  • Watermelon

Basically, fruit is the ideal breakfast menu. Fruit which does not contain lots of starch such as watermelon is great to start your day. Furthermore, watermelon contains almost 92% water. It is good to make you stay hydrated. It will also make you full and give the signal to your brain to stop eating.

Curly Hairstyle From Time To Time

Curly hair is not only a trend of the past but also trend of present days. Some people are just simply born with it while some others intentionally appear with this look. People love how they look with this cute hairstyle. Do you realize that curly style transforms along with current fashion style?

European in the 16th century believed that the curlier someone, the richer he/ she was. The following decades, people started to modify the style and make it into one of a popular trend. The changes of style were getting more distinct in the 20th century and this era.

Classic Style Of The 90s

In the 1920s, people loved what so-called by Marcel wave style. It is so unique with super precision large waves. People at that time were so fond of this short lustrous elegant style. A few years later, the trend changed into tight sausage curls. Ladies loved the cute hairstyle with a straight and curly look at the tip of the hair.

The style kept changing. In the 1940s, pin curl style is popular among women. It is a kind of short wavy hairstyle that gives a fresh look. Later on, curly style transforms into poodle-like style. People loved to have full curls with high front wave style.

Then, about twenty years later, people liked to go out with curly updos. They liked to do their hair by having straight bangs and curly ponytail.

Recent Trendy And Modern Style

Many popular models and celebrities these days introduce their unique style. People are familiar with beachy waves style, natural curls, or short curly bob. Another never dies style is afro curls; it always has its fanatic fans.

The curly style is still popular among people. If you have wavy to curly hair, you can choose sexy, elegant or even cute style. For more information and tips, you can access