Complete Guidance To Treat Teacup Pomeranian

Do you know that micro teacup Pomeranian requires special treatment? As it has special and unique size, they obviously need more attention. We all know that this breed is genetically modified thus they have a vulnerable body. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to treat teacup Pomeranian correctly.

Helping Pomeranian Live Longer With Right Diet

Some sources argue that micro Pomeranian puppies can live in a long period of time. If you can support them with right diet and treatment, they can live for 15 years and so. Their small body with its small organs they need a smaller portion of the diet. You may need to avoid certain kind of food as well as their body will not tolerate it. Therefore, just like a human, right diet and nutrition determine their average lifespan.

Taking The Dog To Regular Exercise And Checkup

In addition to ideal diet, you need to take your micro teacup Pomeranian to regular exercise. Keeping them inside of the house every day will only increase the possibility of being stress. It has nature of being an active creature thus taking them to park for playing fetch is a great activity.

Besides, you also need to make a regular schedule for a checkup. Their vulnerable body requires special medical treatment to make them live long enough. You should visit a veterinarian to get enough consultation and treatment for their growth.

Avoiding The Puppy From Stress

Lastly, teacup Pomeranian is prone to stress when they live in such buzzing environment. A place with high level of noise and toxic can increase the possibility of stress. Excessive contact with guest or children who do not understand who to treat them correctly can easily make the puppies stressed out. In short, you need to give micro teacup Pomeranian more attention for they have fragile character.