Curly Hairstyle From Time To Time

Curly hair is not only a trend of the past but also trend of present days. Some people are just simply born with it while some others intentionally appear with this look. People love how they look with this cute hairstyle. Do you realize that curly style transforms along with current fashion style?

European in the 16th century believed that the curlier someone, the richer he/ she was. The following decades, people started to modify the style and make it into one of a popular trend. The changes of style were getting more distinct in the 20th century and this era.

Classic Style Of The 90s

In the 1920s, people loved what so-called by Marcel wave style. It is so unique with super precision large waves. People at that time were so fond of this short lustrous elegant style. A few years later, the trend changed into tight sausage curls. Ladies loved the cute hairstyle with a straight and curly look at the tip of the hair.

The style kept changing. In the 1940s, pin curl style is popular among women. It is a kind of short wavy hairstyle that gives a fresh look. Later on, curly style transforms into poodle-like style. People loved to have full curls with high front wave style.

Then, about twenty years later, people liked to go out with curly updos. They liked to do their hair by having straight bangs and curly ponytail.

Recent Trendy And Modern Style

Many popular models and celebrities these days introduce their unique style. People are familiar with beachy waves style, natural curls, or short curly bob. Another never dies style is afro curls; it always has its fanatic fans.

The curly style is still popular among people. If you have wavy to curly hair, you can choose sexy, elegant or even cute style. For more information and tips, you can access