Get Attractive Status with New WhatsApp Features

Are you WhatsApp user? If you use WhatsApp since its first release, so you must be the loyal one. You might also witness on the development of this messenger. At first, it is like other messenger which allowed people to text and call people freely only with internet connection. Then, you find that WhatsApp nowadays get more features which are more attractive to use. You can even get WhatsApp status to write what is on your mind. Moreover, there are a lot of new features which help to make it looks more attractive.

Step by Step to Write Attractive Status with New Features on WhatsApp

Do you want to try to update WhatsApp status with new features? Don’t forget to make it looks more attractive. For the newest one, you can choose the text base status which will only display text as the main display with other stickers as additional. Here are tips to make your status looks greater:

  • Although the text is unlimited, it is better to write in short

Nowadays, you can write as long as you want on the status bar. However, it will be little bit annoying. That is why you have to make it looks elegant by choosing short phrase with full of meaning.


  • Choose the right colour to get better display

There are two steps that must be done for choosing colour. For the first is colour background, you need to choose the colour based on your mood or whatever that what will be written on. Second, combine the font colour with the background. You can choose black for background while white or pink as the font colour.


  • Arrange the words well

You will not only write as long as the phrase. You can arrange the words for your WhatsApp status. Make it comfortable to read.