How to Download Printer Driver Online

Download printer driver online is just one click away. You just have to go to the right website to download the right printer driver that compatible with your operating system. The thing is that the whole downloading steps are easy and the next part can become confusing to some people. What is it? It is the installing process. Yes, the installation can be hard to some people because the process can fail.

How to Install Printer Driver

Below are the steps to installing the printer driver after you download it. In fact, the process is easy. You just have to follow them correctly. Those are the step to install the printer driver.

  1. You need to choose the printer model and the printer manufacturer if you want to install a real printer.
  2. Usually, when you buy a printer you will get the CD from the manufacturer. You can download printer driver online from there.
  3. Insert the CD and locate the printer.
  4. Connect the PC to the internet and open the CD.
  5. The driver is ready to download and install.
  6. Once the driver is downloaded, you need to install it and follow the instruction.
  7. The wizard installation for printer driver is easy. You just have to click Next and wait for several minutes.
  8. After that you have to name your printer.
  9. Insert the name and click Yes.
  10. If there is a pop-up menu ask if you want to share the printer or not, you just have to click No.
  11. Now you need to test your printer by printing a file.
  12. If your printer can do the command, it means that the installation process is done.

Before you close the tab, you need to review your previous choices first. If you are sure about the choices you make, you need to click finish to complete the installation process. That’s how you download printer driver online and install it.