How To Play Angry Birds 2 Correctly

Angry Birds 2 is getting funnier and more interesting features to come. On this game, you have to know which bird that can do the right job if you want to defeat the pig and get a high score. However, in this sequel, the game becomes harder than ever.

Know Your Birds In Angry Birds 2

In order to get the best high score and defeat the pig, you need to know the special abilities of the birds on this game. Here we go!

  1. Red

Red is the first bird that you will use. It is also the unofficial leader in Angry Birds 2. This bird doesn’t have special abilities or advantage. It doesn’t break material perfectly. When you want to use the Redbird, you need to tap it once he is close to an object. This trick will make the bird have an extra energy at knocking down any object.

  1. Yellow

The yellow bird is called Chuck. This bird also doesn’t have any special power. However, if you tap the screen, Chuck will accelerate to the target perfectly and it can destroy wood well too.

  1. Blue

The bluebird is consisting of three bluebirds. Those birds are weak against ice. If you want to use this bird, you need to tap the screen and it makes the bird split into three directions. So, you can wreck ice platforms perfectly with just a single shot.

  1. White

The white bird is called Matilda; the bird also carries explosive eggs. When you tap the screen, Matilda will explode. This white bird is similar to the red one. It is weak if you use it to destroy the object. So, it would be better if you use to weaken the object slowly.

That’s all the four birds with its function on Angry Birds 2. We hope that this guide is useful. To get the game, download only on