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Dorsey “Dee” DeMaster

Dee DeMaster

Dorsey “Dee” DeMaster completed her 300-hour teacher training at Orbis Yoga Studio to become a certified yoga teacher in June of 2012. After practicing yoga for 6 years, Dee was inspired by her yoga teacher and friends to move to the next level. She is trained in Precision Alignment Yoga and she holds a deep appreciation for Iyengar yoga.

 She has studied and practiced yoga for many years with her teacher Linda Smith, Director and Primary Teacher at Orbis Yoga Teacher Training (OYTT). Dee has also studied under Betty Larsen and John Charping, Founders of Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors (SIYI), Senior Iyengar yoga Teacher Karin O'Bannon, and Helen McMahan, previous owner of Orbis Personal Growth Center (one of the first yoga studios in Louisville).

Dee loves sharing what she has learned, both on and off the matt. She is also a military veteran and plans to teach veterans about the use of yoga for coping with PTSD and other trauma-related psychological problems.

Michelle Gipe

Michelle Gipe

Michelle received her 300-hour Yoga Certification at Orbis Yoga Studio. She began her practice several years ago in an effort to build strength, relieve stress, and relax. Like many others, Michelle was intimidated to go to her first Yoga class, as she thought, “she might not be flexible or good enough.” Quickly realizing that if one can breath, one can do Yoga, she fell in love with the practice and its benefits, and decided to enroll in teacher training. Before going to OYTT, Michelle practiced mostly vinyasa and occasionally Bikram. Michelle has enjoyed incorporating her training in precision alignment into her all levels, vinyasa, basic, and restorative classes by using props and giving options for more or less challenging asanas to help make Yoga accessible to her students. Her classes are filled with opportunities to relax, laugh, sweat, build strength, release tension, and focus on the breath.

She received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Western Kentucky University in 2006, and taught for 3½ years. She went on to pursue her other passion, working with individuals with special needs at Down Syndrome of Louisville for 2½ years. She enjoys spending time with her dog and husband, spinning, going to farmers markets, attending Yoga classes and workshops, and volunteering. Michelle is very grateful for the opportunities Louisville offers to practice and learn Yoga under so many excellent teachers.

Jane Hewitt, BS, Certified Feldenkrais Instructor

Jane Hewitt

Jane Hewitt is a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method, a system of sensory-motor learning or movement re-education. Through the Feldenkrais Method people of all ages and any physical condition can learn to improve coordination, flexibility, ease of movement and bodily comfort.

Jane graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in 1962 with a BA in psychology. In 1994 she finished the four year Feldenkrais training and has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method in classes at Orbis Yoga Center in Louisville since that time. In these classes students are verbally led through gentle movements to become aware of their habitual patterns of movement and learn options for moving with greater ease, comfort, and flexibility. Class participants are encouraged to move slowly in order to sense what they are doing, try less and explore various possibilities for movement, take frequent rest periods, and let go of trying to do well, nicely, or correctly. They leave classes relaxed and moving more easily and freely.

Recent continuing education workshops have been Bones for Life, and Interrupting Patterns of Anxiety. In addition to her continued study in the Feldenkrais Method, Jane cherishes her home and family life, enjoys reading, knitting, sewing, and travel.

Jeanne Kennedy

Jeanne Kennedy

As a pre-teen, Jeanne had her first taste of yoga by practicing asanas while watching Lilias Folan on PBS. Her next experience came with the good fortune of studying with Judi Rice at the University Of Louisville in 1990. Nearly 10 years passed before Jeanne made Yoga a true devotion. She has been studying Iyengar yoga with Judi since 1999 and has studied with Geeta Iyengar at national conferences and in India with the Iyengar family. She was certified as an Iyengar yoga instructor in 2007 and continues her studies with senior teachers in the U.S. Jeanne hopes to share the gifts of Yoga with others through her teaching.

Barbara Kottke, MA, RYT, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapy Instructor

Barbara Kottke

Barbara discovered yoga in the late 1970s at Orbis Yoga Studio in Louisville.She has had the opportunity to live and practice yoga at Ananda Ashram, and with teachers such as: Genevieve Paulson, Amanda McMaine, Jan Foster, Thomas Fortel, John Friend, Joseph & Lillian LePage, Robyn Ross, Jonas Westring, Betty Larsen, John Charping, and Desiree Rumbaugh.

Barbara began teaching at Orbis in 2000, where she continues teaching. In March 2003, she completed certification in Integrative Yoga Therapy, which reflects her wellness-based, eclectic and experiential approach to learning and life. That spring, Barbara began teaching classes in Doe Valley and joined the list of Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance. She is currently in her ninth year teaching yoga at the Meade County Public Library and has taught classes at the Harrison-Crawford YMCA in Corydon, IN.

Barbara’s career as an educator has included working at the Louisville Deaf Oral School, teaching in outdoor and intercultural settings with all ages, and at several universities such as Bellarmine, Mankato State, Campbellsville, and the University of Louisville. Barbara's goal continues to be to promote mind, body, and spirit wellness in her community with tools such as IYT for coping with stress and pursuing balance and health.

Lydia Lagenour

Lydia Lagenour

Lydia is a 2012 graduate of Orbis Yoga Teacher Training, successfully completing 300-hours of intensive study in Precision Alignment Yoga. Her soulful classes focus on alignment, complemented by flow, restorative poses, & heart-centered meditation.  

Lydia began her yoga career while earning a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, Bloomington.  With a background in gymnastics and cheerleading, a one-semester class in yoga was all she needed to realize she was captivated! After graduation in 2006, the young yogini moved to Louisville to begin her career in social service. While taking classes at Infinite Bliss Yoga, she fell in love with their heart-centered approach. In 2009, Lydia moved to her hometown of Jasper, IN. She worked at a quaint organic and natural food store and began to teach yoga four times a week at Firehorse Yoga. Lydia moved back to Louisville in 2010 as a recreational therapist for persons with mental illness and soon enrolled in the teacher training program with Orbis. She is enthusiastic to share the knowledge that many teachers have shared with her and to spread the love she has found within yoga. She is especially grateful for the support of her beautiful mother, sister, and friends.

Graylin Porter

Graylin Porter

Graylin has been practicing yoga for seven years, starting in Asheville, North Carolina during her college years. What started as a casual activity quickly evolved into a dedicated practice while living abroad. She volunteered at Bristo Yoga School in Edinburgh, Scotland and was introduced to the Ashtanga vinyasa system. The majority of her study has been in the Ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga traditions, but after completing the Orbis Yoga TeacherTtraining in June 2012, she developed a passion and strong appreciation for the Iyengar style. Graylin worked in administration at Castle Hill Yoga in Austin, Texas, studying with instructors such as Christina Sell, Gioconda Parker, and Jenny Wicke. She holds a graduate degree in Modern & Contemporary Literature and hopes to incorporate her love of the written word into her classes. She is forever grateful for her practice, as it has been a steady companion throughout years of international travel and transition.

Lindsay Rasche

Lindsay Rasche

Lindsay Rasche practiced Yoga for many years, in many cities, before finding a home studio Jasper, Indiana.  It was there she really settled in and her practice began to grow.  After a natural birth with her first son, Isaac, she realized how disconnected people become with their bodies.  She embarked on a deeper study of Yoga and following the birth of her second son, Julian, she completed a 200-hour certification with Tina Drew in Jasper.  Lindsay decided at that point to move from her 40-acre woodland life to Louisville and grow her practice even deeper.  She continues to learn from many teachers and loves teaching at her new home studio, Orbis Yoga.

Linda Smith, MEd, RYT 500

Linda Smith

Linda is the owner and director of Orbis Yoga Studio. She has been practicing yoga for thirty years and teaching classes since 1994. In 2012 Linda started Orbis Yoga Teacher Training under the mentorship of Betty Larsen and John Charping.

Linda was a student of Helen McMahan in the early 80s. She credits Orbis teachers, Helen McMahan and Ruth Allen, for creating the nurturing and supportive environment for the seeds of yoga, kundalini and meditation to sprout. Linda completed a 200-hour teacher certification from Kripalu Yoga Center in 1994 and began to teach classes at Orbis and the Downtown Y. During this time Linda studied extensively with Amanda McMain (Richmond, KY) and Thomas Fortel (Big Sur, CA.). Genevieve Paulsen is a teacher and an inspiration in the study and exploration of kundalini.

In 2003 Linda completed a1,000-hour teacher training program offered by Betty Larsen and John Charping, The Southern Institute for Yoga Teachers. Through studies with Betty and John, Linda was introduced to Ramanand Patel and Mukesh Desai....Yoga and Sound.

Linda currently studies with Ramanand and Karin O'Bannon, both senior level Iyengar teachers.

Linda teaches “Precision Alignment Yoga”; her classes emphasize good alignment and presence in postures. While class style and method may vary from alignment to vinyasa, restorative or meditative....techniques of practicing presence, use of the breath working with subtle energy and allowing the postures to emerge from within are integrated into class sessions.

In 2002 Linda retired from a 30-year career in education of blind and visually impaired children. She retired as Outreach Director of the Kentucky School for the Blind and State Coordinator of Educational Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Children

Theresa H. Wells

Theresa Wells

Theresa is a Louisville native, and has been a successful cosmetologist in St. Matthews for the past 14 years. She has been an avid fitness buff for over a decade and completed her first mini-marathon in October. She began studying yoga on a regular basis 2 years ago, and has brought all of her passion with her into the practice. As someone who started a journey on the path to a healthy lifestyle at 265 lbs., she is an instructor that understands what it is like to be the “new kid” in class. Theresa will enthusiastically help you to cultivate a love for yourself as you grow a practice that is right for you.

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