Is Banana Good For People On Diet?

There are many diet methods requires eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruit that most mentioned is Banana. In contrary, some diet experts tell that banana is not really good for a diet program. It might be confusing. So, we really need to find whether a banana is really good or really bad for a diet doer. One of the ways, we may know calories in one banana.

Calories In One Banana

Banana becomes a source of energy since it has more sugars and other calories rather than other fruits. Some people may compare a banana with other fruits. A medium apple gives about 115 calories. a medium orange contains 62 calories. meanwhile, berries are the lowest one when we talk about calories.

If you already like banana, you don’t need to leave it. You only need to consume it in portion. An average banana contains 90 to 120 calories. The bigger banana you eat; the more calories you will get. If you go to a grocery and find a big banana. You can eat it in separated two different times. Make sure you keep it fresh by putting its half size in the refrigerator. It will be better if you can find a small-sized banana. You can eat it at one time and you still keep the calories in one banana which you consumed.

A banana has a fact that it almost not contains fat in it. That is why, for people who are not on a diet, it is good to add extra creams like ice cream or whipped cream. It will be also delicious if you mix it with other fruits to make it as smoothies.

Therefore, a good side of calories in one banana will be much better if you can mix it with other ingredients that are also good for your health.