Reasons To Choose Wicker Furniture Over Fabric Furniture

Fabric furniture or upholstered furniture is popular for interior design as it leaves the sense of elegance. Wicker furniture, however, is not as popular as the previous one. However, each has different uniqueness. Wicker furniture Indonesia is considered to have better quality, especially for home decoration.

The Wide Range Of Items To Produce

Wicker furniture, especially rattan, is great for either indoor or outdoor decoration. Unlike the fabric furniture, it can survive better with heavy weather. It is also available in wide range of products. If upholstered furniture is usually made into sofa and chairs only, rattan is highly varied. You can have your table set, wardrobe, rocking chair, laundry basket all made out of rattan.

Great Quality To Consider

Besides its variation of products, you should consider buying wicker furniture Indonesia for other reasons. Wicker furniture made of rattan has better quality compared to other material. It is better in terms of weight, maintenance, and compatibility.

  • Item’s Weight

Any wicker furniture is relatively lighter than the similar furniture with different material. It is because almost all materials are dried before it is woven. Another benefit from the weight is that it can be made into various items other than furniture.

  • Easy Maintenance

Another consideration of having wicker furniture is its easy maintenance. If you get your furniture dirty you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth. If it is wet, it won’t create a mold, unlike the fabric one. Generally, it does not need any special caring procedure.

  • Compatibility

Lastly, rattan wicker furniture is compatible almost for every purpose. You can have it to decorate your home interior or use it for the outdoor property. If you run restaurant or café business, you can use rattan table set and it will cost less. You can visit to get various rattan products with the best quality.