Safety First – Mount Rinjani Trekking Guidance

Trekking, hiking or mount climbing are definitely an extreme and dangerous sport, especially for amateurs. Mount Rinjani trekking, in the second highest volcano mountain in Indonesia, has long been favorite outdoor activity. Many adventurers across the globe are visiting the mountain and try to feel the excitement to reach the mountaintop. However, sometimes travelers are not truly aware of the importance of safety. Incomplete gears, unfit condition, the careless attitude has led many visitors to get injured whereas those equipment, health, and attitude are really important during any activities.

Tips On Maintaining Your Safety Trip In Mount Rinjani

To stay safe, there are some tips that you can follow. It will include proper equipment, fitness level, and self-awareness

  • Proper equipment – Mount Rinjani trekking requires complete and proper equipment. The path is pretty rough and dangerous for it is surrounded by cliffs and narrow paths. If you are a beginner and do not have enough trekking gears you may reconsider your plan. Otherwise, you can get a full assistance by hiring local travel partner.
  • Fitness level – it is necessary to have a high level of fitness. It is important for you to prepare yourself by doing moderate to heavy exercise because trekking requires excellent physical endurance. Furthermore, it can prevent you from getting injured.
  • Self-awareness – it is normal to record every moment by taking pictures, wefie, or selfie. However, sometimes people ignore the safety and end up hurt them. It needs self-awareness of how important safety is during trekking.

In brief, it is highly suggested to keep safe from doing mount Rinjani trekking. It can be done by having proper and enough trekking gears, preparing good physical condition and having the adequate self-awareness to always keep self-safety. Ignoring those factors will only trigger bigger problem and have a hard time for partners.