Class Schedule, Rates, and Descriptions

Weekly Class Schedule*

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Class Rates

5 block class $60 (good for 3 months)
Lunch and AM Yoga 8 classes for $60 (good for 3 months)
Unlimited Monthly $80 (may use for any classes, must use within one month)
Yoga Basics 4 classes for $45 (applies only to Yoga Basic classes)
Drop-in Rate $15

Class rates do not apply to workshops or special classes. Class meetings are subject to change. Please call to confirm prior to coming to first class.

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Class Descriptions

Orbis Yoga is in the Clifton Center, nestledin the Crescent Hill neighborhood and close to St. Matthews. Our intent is to help you build awareness and develop skills to balance the effects of living in a fast-paced society. Our classes are small, allowing our well-trained teachers to offer each student a personal yoga experience. We offer a variety of classes to meet individual needs.For more information, email Linda.

Yoga Basics If you have never tried yoga before, this series of four classes will get you started. Precise instruction of fundamental yoga postures and the yoga breath are emphasized. Offered intermittently, or if you like, we will "create" a class for four or more friends or colleagues, upon request.

Beginning Yoga Learn basic postures and gain a beginning knowledge of yoga. No prior experience is necessary.

Continuing Yoga classes are appropriate for those with previous experience in yoga who understand basic principles of alignment. These classes will deepen and personalize your yoga experience.

Gentle Yoga classes focus on gentle stretching and alignment. Classes ease stress through relaxation techniques, breathing and gentle movement. Appropriate if you have specific limitations or desire a softer yoga practice.

AM Yoga is designed to help you begin the day with focus and intention. An active class with emphasis on alignment and developing a daily practice, it is for all-levels, but basic yoga experience is necessary for you to benefit.

Lunch Yoga is an active hatha yoga class offering a "pick-me-up" experience in the middle of the day. Basic yoga experience is necessary to participate.

Intermediate Yoga is for those who wish to learn more challenging inversions, backbends and postures. Permission of instructor is required.

Vinyasa Yoga classes emphasize linking postures with the breath into a sequence or a "yoga flow." All levels are welcome, but a basic knowledge of yoga is necessary.

Restorative Yoga is totally relaxing and rejuvenating. Supported postures, made effortless by the skillful use of blankets and props, are held while releasing tension and mindfully watching the breath. No experience is necessary to benefit from restorative yoga. Offered intermittently as a special class.

Yoga Nidra is the ultimate guided meditation experience. With each yoga-nidra session, participants reach deeper states of relaxation, while comfortably lying on the back for 30–60 minutes. No prior experience is necessary; offered intermittently as a special class.

Feldenkrais classes offer a deep relaxing way to re-educate the body through sensory-motor learning. If you are seeking a gentle approach to break down unconscious postural and/or movement patterns or habits, Feldenkrais may be just what you are looking for.

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