Similarity Of Marvel And DC

If you are a comic lover, you must be well-known about Marvel and DC. These two companies have been competing for a long time to show their cool superheroes, you can read the comic via online in readcomicsonline. Both of Marvel and DC have their variety of heroes and several different characters. In Marvel, there are Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and so many more, then from DC, they have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and many others.

In the other hand, if you read both of Marvel and DC, you will see some similarities on their superheroes. Several characters have a likeliness one to another, and in this article, there will be a summarize top 3 similar superheroes from both of Marvel and DC.

Different Company, But Similar Characters

  1. Quick Silver and Flash

Both Marvel and DC have a Superhero that can run with extremely fast. Actually, not only the fast on running, but also they can move their another part of the body with extremely fast, and you can visit to read the comic version’s stories.

  1. Ant-Man and Atom

Ant-Man and Atom have their unique ability by wearing a special costume to change their size of the body. They can become a very small like an ant or become really huge like a tall building. Both of them can be a serious problem for the enemy using their ability to resize the body.

  1. Captain America and Commander Steel

Both of Captain America and Commander Steel have a similarity from their history. According to comics from readcomicsonline explained that they are former soldiers from world war two. Captain America got his power from a muscle injection that brings him to become an above average manpower. Commander Steel has the power to change the particle of his muscles, bones, and skins become steel.