The Best West Indonesia Vacation

If we talk about Indonesia vacation, there is one underrated place that you need to visit. Although it is underrated, this place is so great and perfect for vacation. For everyone who wants to have a quiet vacation with fewer people, you need to go to Umang Island, Ujung Kulon.

When it comes to Ujung Kulon, there are many people who know nothing about this place. Ujung Kulon is 300 km away from Jakarta. This place is located at the very west part of Java Island. This national park is known as a habit for Java rhino. Umar Island is located around Ujung Kulon National Park.

Indonesia Vacation To Umang Island

This Indonesia vacation is located in Banten which is a perfect getaway if you live in Jakarta. This tropical island can be your favorite place to avoid the hectic situation of the capital city. Maybe you have some things to do in Jakarta and it is the perfect time to visit this island after that.

There is resort in Umang Island that offers you the best comfort that you could ever get during vacation. The resort has relaxing and calming ambiance with good service. If you love nature and sea, you need to go to Umang Island. This island is near Ujung Kulon National Park. You can explore the national park and feel the wildlife there.

The turquoise water in the sea will refresh your mind. Don’t forget to check the underwater life in Umang Island. The sea is so great and you will see many well-protected coral reef and many fishes as well. There is also Tanjung Lesung Beach which is the perfect place to watch sunset prettily.

Your Indonesia vacation in Umang Island definitely will be unforgettable. The sandy beach and crystal sea water are the perfect combinations that sea can give.