The Danger Of Cigarette And Vapor


Which one do you like the most? Cigarette or vapor? Those two things have many similarities such as producing smoke. For a non-smoker, those two things are still dangerous and also annoying; especially, for people who hate the smoke and have asthma or other diseases. It is like hell to meet people who smoke or using vapor. Then, do you know what the danger of cigarette and vapor are?

You Should Know These Dangers Of Cigarette And Vapor If You Are Smoker

It is not easy to stop smoking. People invented vapor to help the smoker quit at first. However, the vapor nowadays is no longer different from a cigarette with tobacco. There is nicotine in the liquid that is used for vapor. The amount of it is not sure different from a cigarette. That is why many people think the vapor is more dangerous than a cigarette.

  1. You will find it dangerous to your health and body parts such as your lungs and your brain.
  2. It can cause cancer. It is not different from a cigarette.
  3. It is not good for women, generally. However, many women choose vapor because they think it is safe.
  4. It causes impotent just like a cigarette. The chemical in vapor is as dangerous as the tobacco and nicotine in a cigarette.
  5. It will ruin your voice too. Be careful, singers.

Many people also think that vapor is less dangerous and safe for women. However, you know the facts that it is as dangerous as the cigarette. The difference is only in the smell and amount of the smoke. You know, the smoke of vapor is so annoying for many people.

Could you imagine if you have asthma? Yeah, you see the smoke like the hell. You are going to die if you ever getting near it; even though it smells like candy or fruits. Well, people with asthma do not care. So, what do you think?