Tools To Build Cool House

Having cool Minecraft houses may be the dream of every Minecraft player. It can be achieved by upgrading and improving skill on playing the game. Unfortunately, not all materials are provided for free. Even, we need certain tools to get most of the basic materials.

How To Get The Tools?

Tools are needed to perform certain action effectively like breaking blocks as certain materials are not obtainable using a bare hand. When we play the game, we can get the item in two ways. First, we can get it by attacking and killing mobs that carry equipment. Another way is by crafting. We can make it by combining some basic materials.

The Functions Of Each Tool

Mainly, it is used to break blocks and mine minerals, gold, and diamond to build cool Minecraft houses. Few others are beneficial for farming and defense self from dangerous mobs.

  • Axe – We need wooden planks or cobblestone combined with a stick to make an axe. Otherwise, we can make it out of iron ingot, gold ingot or diamond. It is an important tool to break blocks such as wood planks, wooden slabs, wooden door and many more.
  • Pickaxe – We need exactly the same materials as when we make an axe. However, we should arrange three wood planks on top and two sticks downward of the second column. This tool can obtain most of the materials in Over worlds such as any ice, metal, rocks and other materials.
  • Hoe – The same material is needed to craft hoe. However, the number and the order in crafting box are different. It is an essential tool for farming and obtaining any ground materials.
  • Shovel – We need only one wood plank or cobblestone with two stick arranged downward to get a shovel. It is effective for collecting ground such as clay and snow. Thus, we should craft those tools if we want to make cool Minecraft houses more efficiently.