Where To Visit While You Are In China?

If we talk about holidays in Asia, then the places that appear first to the surface are Japan, Korea, or Singapore. Then, what about China? This country also turned out to have a unique place to be your tourist destination, one of which is Macau.

Unique Places In Macau

The city is known as Las Vegas of Asia because there are many casinos. However, when visiting Macau, you are not always served by the casino; sams club travel will recommend some anti-mainstream places that you can visit.

  • Rua da Tercena

For those of you who know Macau only from the casino, then you should visit Rua da Tercena. There you can find the other side of the more traditional city of Macau. There are many woodworkers and antique shops there.

  • Museum de Macau

It seems like that it would be in vain if you visit Macau without knowing its history. Therefore, you can visit this museum. There you will be spoiled by the building with a classic architectural style which is one part of Fortaleza do Monte, a magnificent fortress building.

  • Taipa Village

This place became one of sams club travel favorites when visiting Macau. When you’re getting tired of looking around the other side of Macau in Rua da Tercena and learning Macau history at Museum de Macau, it’s time to eat! In addition to hunting culinary, in Taipa Village is also you can capture the moment through a photograph because here there are many unique buildings with a blend of European and Asian cultures.

  • Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

One more place that pity if you miss is Macau Giant Panda Pavilion. Before you go home, you have to meet first with the adorable giant pandas that are in this place. The place is a bit far from downtown, but that’s what makes the atmosphere in this place to be comfortable.

That’s some of sams club travel recommendations of tourist attractions in Macau. Have fun in Macau!